INNERWEAVING is a coaching process developed by Silvia Schroeder to help her clients leave knots of confusion behind. A trained instructor with a degree in Systemische Erlebnispädagogik für kreative Prozess-gestaltung  (Systems Dynamics for creative and nature-based design), she pulls together threads from many disciplines to provide an effective method for finding clarity.

Silvia draws on her intuitive understanding of the profound connectedness between people and the natural world; her work allows a new vista to emerge. The path forward takes form.

Achieve the change you seek–once and for all!

Instructional Design provoke expansive new learnings for sustainable change in the global world

Explore hidden challenges. Discover a clear vision of your life’s direction and how to proceed.

Read about international
consulting projects;
perhaps can work together!


Ignite change in others! Join a workshop in experience-based learning for professional facilitators.


Creating art in nature is profoundly healing. These explorations allow you to see both landscape and life differently.

It takes real work to transcend hardship.

But even after misfortune, resilient people are able to

change course and move towards what they really, really want.

They are able to fulfill their dreams!

Silvia Schroeder is an Austrian-born creative thinker residing in Sausalito, California. Her work in conflict resolution, coaching, and curriculum design is grounded in hands-on experience with diverse populations on two continents (USA and Europe).

Silvia’s many successful years of coaching, teaching, and group facilitation are based on a deep understanding of connectedness between people and the natural world; she sees belonging (Zugehörigkeit) as fundamental to well-being.