When fundamental life crises disrupted everything, she knew and held dear, Silvia closed her well-established six-figure coaching business, left her home in Vienna, and moved, with her husband, to recover in California.

Silvia used her own life situation to refine her coaching practice, and chose weaving as a metaphor for untangling life’s problems. She developed specific actionable strategies to move forward, and did. This very personal story formed the basis of Silvia’s signature approach to working with clients.

A trained instructor with a degree in ‘Systemische Erlebnispädagogik für kreative Prozessgestaltung’  (Instructor in Systems Dynamics for creative and nature-based design), with an emphasis on group dynamics and experiential learning.

Silvia has developed programs in the field of life-long-learning throughout EU to provoke change for the better good in society. These innovative partner-projects, each with budgets exceeding $500K US, were groundbreaking.  These successful programs dealt with professional and personal advancement: e.g. emotional intelligence, violence prevention, tolerance and inclusivity, social Web skills, and food literacy just to name a few.

With thanks and gratitude for the successful collaboration to all of her European Partner Organizations in the field of Further Education, Professional & People Development, Managing Inclusion, Youth Advancement, Employee Engagement, Child Cancer Family Support.

Silvia’s toolboxes and handbooks funded by the European Commission.